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Hey, how is everything?

Listen, I’ve been trying to get a hold of you but I don’t think any of my calls are getting through. I call and it just rings and rings and rings, and then it goes to your voicemail. One time it rang less than the others, like about four times, and then went to voicemail, so I thought you were ignoring my calls on purpose. I was going to leave a message but those things make me nervous and I end up stuttering a lot. I ramble on and by the end of the message I’m not even sure what the hell my point was. Maybe you were out of signal. Yeah. What provider do you have? I know it happens sometimes with my phone, where people say they call and I could swear I didn’t get anything. Horrible signal in my office. I think it has to do with the height of the building or the metal it’s made out of. I’m not sure. I just work there. I don’t know how the building works. But yeah, get that checked because I swear I called like a hundred times… at least. God forbid it’s a huge emergency and someone is trying to get a hold of you and you aren’t getting the calls.

Anyway… I ran over your cat. Three days ago. It’s still there. On the street. And for some odd reason I keep getting some of your mail in my mailbox.

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