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Social Experiments

It’s not so much an experiment. It’s more like hypothetical, outrageous, socially unacceptable situations I often secretly think about while I’m in public. I think about the way people would react if I were to do something so unexpected in a calm environment. For instance, one that I think about often is flipping a table in the middle of class for no apparent reason and then freak out while making tribal noises. How would everyone else react to that? Seriously. I mean, after the moment of being speechless for a bit, what do you say? Or while talking to someone older, say a friend’s parent, I simply break the conversation and calmly get up only to smash a lamp or some other type of furniture just because.

It’s not that I’m violent or that I would ever do such a thing. It’s just a lot of fun to think about how other people would respond to me something completely abrupt and destructive out of the blue.

… or maybe I should try it so I don’t have to wonder anymore.

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